Friday, December 31, 2010

Let's celebrate!!

I am currently addicted to browsing thru some beauty conscious vids, (haha) and I'm certainly NOT talking bout those 'so called advice' talk on using 'healthy' pills and vitamins killing me vids, NO! I'm actually talking bout those 'how to' tutorials kinda vids, the "how to apply concealers the right way" sort of thing! the one that shows you how concealers can actually covers up your major dark eye circles, acne scars and all sort of things that weren't suppose to show on ur face, IF you use it the right way la of course. duhh~ 

Not that i have an important DATE to attend yaw! lol! 
It's just that new year is coming up and I wanted to have a fresh and new look for the whole new year season. New year, new look, new fun and excitement, motivation level rising up! haha. Okey, do stop with that now plz. 

Now that I'm right below the foot of a damn stupid beginner, I'm in need of some seriously VERY² simple guidelines to start with. Something that MUST be suitable to wear on a daily basis tho (kang ada plak yang datang berebut nak bergambar ngan aku sebab tertukar aku ngan Lady Gaga! haha). and most importantly, I'm gonna need it fast! since i'm certainly having a camwhoring session at the new year celebration tonite! haha.

shud REALLY stop with d 'never ending rambling' now coz it's gonna drive everyone into nuts. 
(nah baldi if tak tahan rasa nak muntah dengar aku merapu dan gelak ntah hape² dari tadi)

I did found out an interesting vid that you might wanna try out TONITE!
and it's of course for GIRLS only. (half girl, half boy, err..ske ati ko lah!)
you boys might feel like trying it as well, but then please don't leave the house after doing so!

have fun getting ready for tonite's celebration babes!


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