Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Judging a 'book' by its 'cover'? Think again.

I have decided.
I'm gonna dye my hair red.
or could be purple.
and that is final.

its a change.
I don't care if it's not for the greater or good.
all I need now is a change. a point.
and that's it.

judge me all you want.
give me your best shot!
and I'll show you I can still make it to the top.
even by the worst criticism I get.

I am who I am.
still and will always be.
not a change I made can turn me into who I am not; in the inside.

everyone needs to know the fact of this.
or no one will ever be brave enough to take actions or changes.
too afraid if it's gonna cost them their identity.
as if no one is allowed to make some silly mistake.
1 wrong decision and you are a criminal for life?

I'll be living proof for that.
I'll show you that you can still be good,
eventho on the outside, you once looked all corrupted.
watch me.


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